Reach for the First R01 Workshop
The Irving Institute for Clinical and Translational Research (Columbia's CTSA) is pleased to offer the Reach for the First R01, workshop available twice a year to all promising junior faculty. Up to six junior investigators are selected for this workshop each term (Fall and Spring), across all departments. Specifically, successful applicants will receive 5 free hours of biostatistical consulting, access to other CTSA Resources, 2 expert pre-reviews on an early draft of their R01 application, and bi-monthly, closely-monitored meetings to ensure structure and timeliness in completing the tasks required to successfully submit a first R01 application. These resources are intended to enhance, rather than replace, appropriate mentoring. An applicant without excellent mentoring cannot be seen as competitive for this Workshop.

To be eligible, the candidate:
  • Must be an Early Stage investigator by the NIH definition: http://grants.nih.gov/grants/new_investigators/index.htm
  • Must be supported/recommended by a senior faculty member (applicants must submit a letter from a senior faculty member who can speak to the applicant's ability to write an independent award and the faculty member's willingness to advise on substantive issues).
  • Must plan for their first submission to be June 5, 2019  (not before, or after).
  • Must submit their application by 5pm on Monday, January 21, 2019  to be considered for this cycle. The workshop will start in February 2018 on select Fridays from 3:00 – 4:30p

Application form
Recommendation form

Receipt of a “K” award or equivalent is not required to be considered for this award. The application with further instructions and referee forms can be downloaded six to eight weeks prior to the start of each workshop. Please note, more than one junior faculty per Department may apply.

For questions about the application process please contact:

Irving Institute Education Center

Reach for the First R01 Trainees

Julian Abrams, MD, MS
Brooke Aggarwal, EdD, MS
Jennifer Amengual, MD
Anca Askanase, MD, MPH
Neeraj Badjatia, MD, MS
Matthew Baldwin, MD, MS
Robert Bauer, PhD
Srilaxmi Bearelly, MD
Angelo Biviano, MD, MPH
Dana Blumberg, MD
Randy Bruno, PhD
Julie Canman, PhD
Simon Cheng, MD,PhD
Chuchun Liz Chang, PhD, MS
Yun-Hsin Claire Wang, MD, ScD
Adi Cohen, MD, MHS
Eileen Connolly, MD, PhD
Cheryl Corcoran, MD, MS
John Crary, MD, PhD
Katherine Crew, MD, MS
Changchun Deng, MD, PhD
Nataki Douglas, MD,PhD
Frank D'Ovidio, MD, PhD
Yunsuo Duan, PhD
Raimon Duran-Struuck, DVM, PhD
Mildred Embree, DMD, PhD
Kathleen Friel, PhD, MS
Joji Fujisaki, MD, PhD
George Gallos, MD
Luis Garza, MD
Jeanine Genkinger,PhD, MHS
Heather Greenlee, MD, PhD
Rebecca Haeusler, PhD
Megan Hall, PhD
Arnold Han, MD, PhD
Jennifer Higgins, PhD, MPH
Kevin Kalinsky, MD MS
Fay Kastrinos, MD, MPH
Jean Kjellstrand, PhD, MA
Ulf Klein, PhD
Sheng-HanKuo, MD
Martin Lan, MD, PhD
Gen Li, PhD
Gina Lovasi,PhD,MPH
Catherine Marquer, MS, PhD
Rachel Marsh, PhD
Yazawa Masayuki, PhD
Ruth Masterson Creber, MSc, PhD
Igor Matushansky, MD, PhD
Matthew Maurer, MD
Laura McIntire, PhD
Andrew Moran, MD, MPH
Kristin Myers, PhD, MS
Thomas Nickolas, MD, MS
Kimberly Noble, MD, PhD
Max O'Donnell, MD
Michelle Odlum, EdD, MPH, MS
Utpal Pajvani, MD, PhD
Rogerio Pinto, PhD
Paul Planet, MD
Lori Quinn, EdD, EdM, MA
Tara Randis, MD, MS
Gissette Reyes Soffer, MD
Carlos Rodriguez, MD, MPH
Carolyn Rodriguez, MD, PhD
Tawandra Rowell-Cunsolo, MA, PhD
Michaela Rubin, MD, MS
Nathaniel Sawtell, PhD
Rebecca Schnall, RN, PhD
Jingjing Shang, PhD
Rachel Shelton, MPH, ScD
Michele Shurasu-Hiza, PhD
Inga Sigfusdottir, PhD, MA
Arielle Stanford, MD
Shakira Suglia, ScD, MS
Parisa Tehranifar, DrPH
Emily Tsai, MD
Anne-Catrin Uhlemann, MD, PhD
Clarissa Waites, PhD
Qi Wang, MS, PhD
Joshua Willey, MD, MS
Ismee Williams, MD, MS
Kelley Yan, MD, PhD
Lawrence Yang, PhD
Angela Yoon, DDS, MPH