The Irving Institute is currently accepting applications for the following:

TL1 Training Program, for Doctoral Students and Postdoctoral Appointees For Immediate Start and 2018-2019


Headquarters: Columbia-Community Partnership for Health:
Presbyterian Hospital
622 West 168 Street, Floor 10, Suite 305
New York, NY 10032
390 Fort Washington Avenue, Ground Floor
New York, NY 10033

Local Address:  PH-10-305
Main Telephone:  (212) 305-2071
Fax:  (212) 305-3213

Main Telephone:  (646) 697-CCPH (2274)
Calling within CUMC:  697-2274
Fax:  (212) 568-3453

Public Transportation 
Subway - Take the 1, A or C train to the 168th Street
Bus - Take the M2, M3, M4, M5 or M100 bus to
NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University

Public Transportation 
Subway - Take the A train to the 175th Street 
Bus - Take the M4 bus to 177th Street







Abedin, Zainab 305-2296 Evaluation (ECI) 100 Haven
Abraido-Lanza, Ana 305-1859 Community Engagement (CECR)  MSPH-5
Aguirre, Alejandra 646-697-2272 Community Engagement (CECR) 390 Fort Washington
Albert, David A. 342-8588 College of Dental Medicine P&S Box 20
Appelbaum, Paul S. 543-4184 Regulatory and Ethics (RKSER) NYSPI, #122
Bakken, Suzanne R. 305-1278 Community Engagement (CECR) Georgian #227
Begg, Melissa D. 212-854-2691 Co-Director 309H Low Memorial Library
Brown, Dione 305-8355 Clinical Research (CRR) PH-10-313
305-6638 Clinical Research Pediatrics/Adult   VC-3-301
Busacca, Linda 305-4582 Biomedical Informatics (BMIR) PH-10-101
Chung, Wendy K. 851-5313 Precision Medicine (PMR) CHONY 6N 601A
Cohn, Elizabeth G. 305-2805 Community Engagement (CECR) 617 West 168th Street
Cremers, Serge 305-9287 Biomarkers Core Lab P&S Mail Code: 8
Cruz, Lisette 305-2071 Administration PH-10-305
Dobson, Sonia 305-8355 Clinical Research (CRR) PH-10-302
Dworakowski, Elzbieta 305-9306 Biomarkers Core Lab PH-10-105
Fedotov, Alex 305-5493 Precision Medicine (PMR) PH-10-305C
Ferreira, Rui P 342-5136 Regulatory and Ethics (RKSER) PH-10-101A
Fontanez, Nelson 305-8638 Biomarkers Core Lab PH-10-105
Frederick, Dianne 305-9315 Clinical Research (CRR) PH-10-305
Gharavi, Ali 851-5556 Precision Medicine (PMR) 1150 St Nicholas-RM 412
Ginsberg, Henry N. 305-9562 Director Emeritus PH-10-305H
Green, Nancy 305-0494 Associate Director P&S1-405
Guerrido, Elizabeth 305-8355 Clinical Research (CRR) PH-10-313
Harris, Sabrina 304-5692 Administration PH-10-305F
Hoinacki, Jeffrey 305-9324 Administration PH-10-305H
Jiang, Hongfeng 305-9306 Biomarkers Core Lab PH-10-105
Karmally, Wahida 305-6639 Clinical Research (CRR) PH-10-305
Kashyap, Sudha 305-9034 Clinical Research (CRR) BHN-1218
Konofagou, Elisa E. 342-0863 Pilot and Collaborative Studies (PCSR) 351 Engineering Terrace
Landry, Donald 305-5838 Translational Technologies (TTR) PH-8E-105
Lantigua, Rafael A. 305-6262 Community Engagement (CECR) VC-205
Larson, Elaine 305-0723 Pilot and Collaborative Studies (PCSR) Georgian #246
Li Ferry, Sophia 305-0760 TRANSFORM PH-10-305
Li, Jianhua 305-0514 Biomedical Informatics (BMIR) PH-7 West
Liu, Feng 304-5293 Biomedical Informatics (BMIR) PH-10-305
Luchsinger-Stuart, Jose 305-4730 Community Engagement (CECR) PH-9E
Mao, Jeremy 305-4475 College of Dental Medicine PH-7E
Marder, Karen 305-9194 Clinical Research (CRR) PH-19
Martinez, Diana M. 646-774-6160 Pilot and Collaborative Studies (PCSR) NYSPI, Unit #31
McClave, Michelle 305-9425 Administration PH-10-305
Menon, Amritha 305 6518 Precision Medicine PH10-101B
Mohamed, Siddiq 305-2071 Biomedical Informatics (BMIR) PH-10-305
Nandakumar, Renu 305-0871 Biomarkers Core Lab PH-10-105
Natarajan, Karthik 305-8819 Biomedical Informatics (BMIR) PH-20
O'Byrne, Sheila M 305-6924 Precision Medicine (PMR) PH-10-305
Oldham, Sarah   304-5550 TRANSFORM PH-10-402E
Ortega, Cristina 305-9306 Biomarkers Core Lab PH-10-105
Papapanou, Panos 305-9289 PH-7E-110
Pincus, Harold A. 646-774-5400 Co-Director NYSPI, 6th Floor
Pollak, Susan 305-9306 Biomarkers Core Lab PH-10-105
Qiao, Changhong 305-9306 Biomarkers Core Lab PH-10-105
Reilly, Muredach 305-9453 Director and PI PH-10-305
Reame, Nancy E. 305-6761 Pilot and Collaborative Studies (PCSR) Georgian
Richards, Boyd 305-3252 Evaluation (ECI) HHS-L14
Rincón, Helena 305-0427 Administration PH-10-305
Rivera, Nayrobi 697-2274 Community Engagement (CECR) 390 Fort Washington
Rivera, Yamaris 305-6639 Clinical Research (CRR) PH-10-310
Rosenbaum, Michael 305-9949 Clinical Research (CRR) PH-10-305
Schneider, Paulette 305-6639 Clinical Research (CRR) PH-10-310
Sengupta, Soumitra 305-7025 Biomedical Informatics (BMIR) PH-20
Shepp, Jennifer 305-6633 Clinical Research (CRR) HP-10-1019
Sideli, Robert 305-6776 Biomedical Informatics (BMIR) PH-18-114
So, Yat Pending Biomedical Informatics (BMIR) PH-10-101
Stiles, Deborah 854-0490 Regulatory and Ethics (RKSER) 313 Low Library
Swift, Elisabeth 305-9562 Administration PH-10-305
Taylor, Anne L. 305-4993 Associate Director P&S-2
Trembowelski, Sylvia 305-0073 Biomedical Informatics (BMIR) PH-10-102
Torres, Tiara 305-6161 Administration  PH-10-305
Tycko, Benjamin 851-5280 Translational Technologies (TTR) HICCR-607
Vaughan, Roger D. 342-1260 Biostatistics (BERD) MSPH-R6-R644
Ventura, Dora 697-2274 Community Engagement (CECR) 390 Fort Washington
Wapner, Ronald 305-1521 Precision Medicine (PMR) PH-16-1666
Weinberger, Ofra 305-5198 Regulatory and Ethics (RKSER) PH-15-1535
Weng, Chunhua 305-3317 Biomedical Informatics (BMIR) VC-5-564
Winchester, Robert J. 305-7226 TRANSFORM BB-4-449
Ye, Siqin 305-5633 TRANSFORM PH-10-314
Yung, Cindy 305-1454 Clinical Research (CRR) PH-10-313
Zolotnikov, Alex 342-2136 Administration PH-10-305
Zott, Roseann 342-5425 Biomarkers Core Lab PH-10-105