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The Biomarkers Core Laboratory, located within the Irving Institute for Clinical and Translational Research, is an advanced analytical service center that develops, validates, and executes biochemical assays in support of pre-clinical, translational, and clinical research for internal and external investigators.
The 2,000 square-foot laboratory is located on the 10th floor of the Presbyterian Hospital building; it is adjacent to the outpatient and inpatient clinical research units of the Irving Institute. Our services include Biomarker assays (ELISA, RIA, automated immuno-chemistry, and multiplex platforms), Targeted Metabolomics/Lipidomics (LC-MS/MS, GC-MS/MS), and Pharmacokinetic profiling of small molecule drugs. We also offer biospecimen processing (blood, urine, saliva) for Columbia University Medical Center investigators and serve as a biorepository, providing deep freezer storage as needed for the duration of the clinical studies.


Biomarker Assays
ELISA and RIA based immunoassays yield highly accurate and precise quantitation of biomarkers in response to various disease states. We offer ELISA and RIA assays for a number of analytes in complex biological matrices such as plasma, serum, urine, saliva, and cells using commercially available ELISA and RIA kits.  The Core facility houses multiple plate readers and a Gamma Counter.

Automated analyzers present in the facility include an immunoassay analyzer, Immulite 1000 (Siemens Healthcare, Germany) and a clinical chemistry analyzer, Cobas Integra ®400 Plus (Roche Diagnostics, USA). Both have a broad test menu for hormones, inflammatory cytokines, lipid profile, and thyroid function testing.

The core laboratory also houses a Luminex 200 multiplexing instrument with Analyst 5.1 software for the simultaneous quantitation of a wide array of cytokines, chemokines, and other cellular mediators in a small volume of biological sample.

Targeted Metabolomics
Targeted metabolomics is the absolute quantitative assessment of a subset of metabolites often linked to a specific metabolic pathway (glycolysis, TCA cycle), requiring a priori knowledge. The core offers a number of LC and GC-MS/MS based metabolomics panels, including the Biocrates p180 metabolomics kit, acylcarnitines, amino acids, bile acids, free fatty acids, sphingolipids, steroids, and organic acids.  The core is well-equipped with six mass spectrometry platforms integrated with either UPLC, nano-LC or GC systems for the routine analysis or the assay development for small molecules and metabolomic panels.

Pharmacokinetic Profiling
Our services also include the development of extensively validated LCMS based quantitative assays for novel drugs in support of PK/PD projects.

For a list of the more than 240 validated assays currently available and their prices, please use the following links:

Test Catalog
Price List


For information on existing services or for the development of new assays, please contact:

Renu Nandakumar, PhD, Laboratory Director
(rn2374@cumc.columbia.edu; 212-305-0871)

For information on assay pricing, project cost estimates, and invoicing, please contact:

Jeff Hoinacki, Finance Manager, Core Research Services
(jh3293@cumc.columbia.edu; 212-305-9324)

Staff Members:

Elzbieta Dworakowski

Susan V. Pollak

Cristina Ortega

Changhong Qiao 

Vladimir Yong-Gonzalez, PhD

Roseann Zott

Location and Shipping address
Biomarkers Core Laboratory
Irving Institute for Clinical and Translational Research
Columbia University Medical Center
622 West 168th Street, PH-10-105
New York, NY10032
Lab Ph: (212)-305-9306
Fax: (212)-305-3213