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Established in 1971, the Irving Institute’s Clinical Research Resource (CRR) is one of the oldest, active CRRs in the country. Since October 2006, the Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) in conjunction with long-time funding from Herbert and Florence Irving enabled the CRR to expand support for patient-oriented research beyond the confines of traditional clinical research units.

The CRR provides new and established investigators a unique opportunity to design studies, maximize efficiency, improve collaborations and analyze data. Investigators may engage in studies of human physiology and disease anywhere in the hospital, the surrounding community, or in controlled research settings supported by the highly-skilled, committed and compassionate CRR research nursing staff.

The Adult and Pediatric Units facilitate the integration of multiple studies ranging from pharmacokinetics to functional magnetic resonance imaging, allowing investigators to fully examine everything from the performance of a new therapy or other aspects of disease treatment, to basic human functioning. Brief outpatient visits and prolonged inpatient studies can be performed.

The CRR interacts with multiple other Irving Institute resources including Bionutrition, Biomarkers Core Laboratory, Imaging Core and Community Engagement Resource, as well as laboratories and divisions studying obesity, oncology, sickle cell disease, and sleep architecture, among others.

CRR Goals:
  • Provide both inpatient and outpatient space and dedicated personnel for patient-oriented research.
  • Expand clinical support for patient-oriented research beyond the confines of the Clinical Research Units.
  • Partner with the Community Engagement Core Resource (CECR) to enhance participatory research opportunities in the community.

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If you need assistance with the design of your study, please consult the list of Design and Biostatistical References.

Karen Marder Karen Marder, MD, MPH
Director, Clinical Research Resource
Sally Kerlin Professor of Neurology
Sergievsky Center
Taub Institute for Research on Alzheimer's Disease and the Aging Brain
Department of Psychiatry



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