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Adult Inpatient Unit

Michael Rosenbaum, MD
Associate Director, Adult Inpatient Unit
Professor, Clinical Pediatrics and Clinical Medicine
(212) 305-9949

Jennifer Shepp, MAS, RN, CNML
Patient Care Director, Adult Inpatient Unit

Harkness Pavilion
180 Fort Washington Avenue
Floor 10
New York, NY 10032
Phone: (212) 305-6632
Fax: (212) 342-5310


The Adult Inpatient Unit of the CRR expedites and facilitates the collection of quality research data while assuring participant safety. Occupying 9,300 square feet on the 10th floor of the Harkness Pavilion, the unit is a sixteen room, single-occupancy facility that is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The Adult Inpatient Unit features:
  • 16 single-occupancy patient rooms, equipped with hospital gases including oxygen, vacuum and suction.  Most rooms have private showers or bathtubs.
  • Dedicated, highly-skilled research nursing staff qualified to initiate and maintain intravenous infusions, obtain EKGs, draw blood, run studies that require frequent pharmacokinetic specimen acquisition, and specimen processing.
  • Local telephone calls (area codes 212 and 718) and television services are free. 
  • Spacious solarium for patients and guests with unobstructed views of the midtown and lower Manhattan skyline.
  • Centrally located nursing station with adjoining service and preparation rooms.
  • Small conference room for in-service sessions and meetings for investigators.
  • A private patient room for sleep studies.
  • Laboratory with refrigerated and room air centrifuges, -20C freezer and a specimen refrigerator.

Functions supported:
  • Automated pumps for intravenous drug delivery.
  • Telemetry antennas are located throughout the unit.
  • Two rooms equipped with beside cardiac monitors, connected to a central cardiac monitor at the nurses’ station.

Long Outpatient Visits

In addition to adult inpatient studies, long outpatient visits are also conducted on this unit. This service is suitable for studies that involve:
  • Research chemotherapy and other research drug infusions.
  • Frequent blood sampling.
  • Data collection beyond the Adult Outpatient Unit hours.
  • Enhanced space for participants and study team members.

Long Outpatient Guidelines and Pre-Admission Forms:
Pre-Admission Forms Packet

Using the Adult Inpatient Unit:
  • To use the Adult Inpatient Unit, you must have admitting privileges to NYP and be credentialed in procedures that you will be performing.
  • In order to request the Adult Inpatient Unit facility on Harkness Pavilion, Floor 10 (HP10), the following documents need to be brought to the unit once you have called to schedule a participant:
    • A one-page request form
    • Participant’s consent (2 copies)
    • HIPAA consent
    • Recent history and physical (H&P) which is required to be on the chart – no exceptions
    • MD orders
  • Orders may not be provided via word processing. Orders need to be clearly handwritten or typed on the institution’s stationery (Dr.’s order sheet), or pre-printed once approved by the Forms Committee, which meets monthly.
  • A daily progress note is required as per hospital policy.
  • You are responsible for the participant and must be on site during the day, in the event of an emergency. If you delegate this responsibility to someone else, this information should be communicated to the nursing staff.
  • After-hours, emergencies involving your research subject will be addressed by one of our contracted hospitalists. You are responsible to hand off to that person.
  • When referring to your protocol, please use your project title and assigned CRR number.
  • Study teams are responsible for providing all necessary tubes for blood draws. A limited supply of the tubes pictured below are available on the unit for emergency back-up only. **Please note the volume of the larger tubes is 5ml-6ml and the volume of the smaller tubes is 2ml-4ml.

What others say:
“The hospital floor is nice; the staff is pleasant and extremely competent. The staff has never made any of these research subjects feel self-conscious or embarrassed of their diagnosis. The staff is consistently professional and nonjudgmental."
Diana M. Martinez
Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry

Can you describe us in one word? “CARING.”
“I would like to thank you for the excellent service. Your nurses are very special."

Cheryl H. Waters, MD, FRCPC
Albert B. and Judith L. Glickman Professor
Division of Movement Disorders


Adult Outpatient Unit

Elizabeth Guerrido
Administrative Assistant
(212) 305-6638

Presbyterian Hospital
622 West 168 Street, Floor 10
New York, NY 10032
Phone: (212) 305-8355
Fax: (212) 305-3213

Hours of Operation:
7:30 am - 5:00 pm

Additional hours and Saturdays available by arrangement.

Outpatient reception

The Adult Outpatient Unit of the CRR offers a spacious and private setting for clinical investigators and research participants. Located on the 10th floor of the Presbyterian Hospital, the Adult Outpatient Unit provides a highly personalized, professional and confidential environment in which nearly 6,000 research visits from more than 50 protocols take place each year.

The Adult Outpatient Unit features:
  • Four fully-equipped physical examination rooms with private bathrooms
  • Dental operatory
  • Two interview/consultation rooms
  • Two phlebotomy stations
  • Specimen processing area (includes two refrigerated centrifuges)
  • Reception area and participant waiting room
  • Unit personnel provide nursing assistance, skilled phlebotomy services, some specimen processing, EKGs and vital signs
  • Nursing services, including IV insertion, infusion administration, serial blood drawing.


Additionally, CTSA funded research coordinators support adult clinical research activities in the Emergency Department, Neurological Intensive Care Unit, Neurosurgical Intensive Care Unit and Surgical Intensive Care Unit. These experienced research coordinators are available to support protocol development, assist with IRB submissions, recruit participants and collect research data in these clinical areas.

What others say:
“The CRR was instrumental in conducting my patient-oriented, laboratory based randomized controlled trial. As participants are screened in the outpatient unit and the study visits are done in the long-outpatient units, the study is fully supported by nursing and administration teams. Also, the study has received financial support for the conduct of screening safety labs for each of the participants. Finally, there have been excellent collaborations among our research team and the CRR with nutrition and research pharmacy. Overall, the CRR and its resources were essential for conducting my study."
Daichi Shimbo, MD
Irving Assistant Professor of Medicine


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