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The Irving Institute’s Community Engagement Core Resource (CECR) provides off-campus research and meeting space, technical assistance and capacity building on community-engaged research, and facilitates participant recruitment. CECR collaborates with several Irving Institute Resources including Biomedical Informatics, the Clinical Research Resource, the Regulatory Knowledge and Ethics Resource, as well as other CUMC centers and multi-sector stakeholders in Upper Manhattan.

CECR fosters community-engaged research between CUMC researchers, multi-sector stakeholders, and the community at-large by:
  • (1) Providing capacity building opportunities on, and guidance with, community-based participatory research
  • (2) Developing research-literate resources to increase recruitment and retention of underrepresented groups in CUMC-sponsored research
  • (3) Disseminating research findings to stakeholders
  • (4) Linking community residents to health research, information, and services

Site/Environment – information on Irving Institute resources and facilities appropriate for NIH’s Resource and Facilities Section.


Ana Ana Abraido-Lanza, PhD
Co-Director, CECR
Associate Professor of Sociomedical Sciences

Rafael Rafael A. Lantigua, MD
Co-Director, CECR
Professor of Clinical Medicine

Dr. cohn Elizabeth G. Cohn, RN, PhD
Associate Director, CECR
Assistant Professor of Nursing


CECR’s off-campus home in Washington Heights, called the Columbia Community Partnership for Health (CCPH), is a unique and inviting, multipurpose space for conducting health research, health promotion activities, and research education and dissemination. CCPH offers free research, meeting and activity space to CUMC researchers and qualifying community stakeholders.

CCPH features:
  • Physical examination room
  • Interview/consultation room
  • Conference room
  • Reception and waiting room
  • Health library
  • Computer lab
  • Audio/visual equipment, including free Wi-Fi, laptops, desktops, projectors, LCD-screens, audio recorders with external microphones, and a two-way mirror for observational studies.

Conference room
Conference Room
Exam Room
Physical Examination Room

CCPH Space Usage and Reservations
CCPH is visibly located in an ideal, high-traffic area 10 blocks north from CUMC-an area referred to as “Doctors Row.” It is easily reached by foot and public transportation with both subway and bus stops located on the same block.

CCPH is open Monday - Friday, 9:00a - 5:00p, and evenings and Saturdays upon arrangement.

Rooms & Audio/Visual Descriptions - information on each room and audio/visual resources.
Facility Use Policies - information on eligibility criteria, policies, and procedures for using the CCPH space.

CCPH has a carry-in/carry-out policy for the collection of blood draw and other specimens. All research protocols involving medical procedures, including blood draw, must be approved by the Irving Institute’s Clinical Research Resource prior to using research space at CCPH. Contact us for more information on how to obtain approval from the Clinical Research Resource.

Reservation Information
To make a reservation, complete the Space Request Form.
You may also remit the form to Alejandra N. Aguirre, Senior Program Manager, by email at ana2104@cumc.columbia.edu or fax at (212) 568-3453.

Consumer Health Library and Computer Lab at CCPH
CCPH is a community health information resource center offering a bilingual health library, computer lab, and health promotion activities-all free of charge. Download the CCPH postcard in English and Spanish to inform your research participants or clients about the exceptional resources offered.

The Health Library carries a wide selection of bilingual health information, reference books, and interactive materials. In the Computer Lab, community residents can use the internet to access health information.

In addition, bilingual staff are available to assist visitors with health information needs, including information on research participation, health programs, services and other resources available at CUMC and in our community. We also offer daily blood pressure screenings, though at present we do not provide any other type of clinical care.

Computer Lab
Computer Lab

Reception and Waiting Room


Community-Based Participatory Research Training and Pilot Awards Program
The course provides an overview of the fundamental concepts and components of community-based participatory research (CBPR) methodology as used for social science investigation of public health issues. Participants will gain an appreciation of all the components involved in CBPR and sound health research through co-learning and practicing various parts of the research process in community-academic partner pairs. All pairs will consist of an academic and community partner. These partnership pairs will develop a research proposal with a CBPR approach for funding consideration by the Irving Institute. Funding of up to $40,000 for one-year pilot projects will be awarded to studies that have the potential to apply for larger federal funding opportunities in CBPR research. Academic and community applicants must apply individually.  If an applicant wishes to be paired with a specific academic or community partner it should be indicated in the application.

CBPR Pilot Award Winners

Technical Assistance
In addition to offering free research space at CCPH, CECR provides technical assistance to support CUMC researchers and community stakeholders in carrying out community-engaged research. Technical assistance includes facilitation of introductions between academic and community stakeholders for possible research partnerships, provision of demographic data on northern Manhattan, assistance with potential sources for participant recruitment, and health literacy assessments of research material (e.g., consent forms, educational materials, and study flyers).

If you have a CUMC UNI, you may submit a request using our online system.

Health Literacy Review Service
Use of health literate research materials improves recruitment and retention, protocol adherence, and data quality. The Irving Institute’s Health Literacy Review Service assists CUMC researchers in editing study materials to be more effective in communicating with participants by being more health literate. The Health Literacy Review Service will revise study documents, such as consent forms, recruitment materials and data collection instruments, to conform to health literacy tenants.

Answers to frequently asked questions are available here.

Health Literacy Review Service requests are made through the Irving Institute’s online system.

Health Literate Consent Form Templates
Health-literate consent form templates for minimal risk research are publicly available on the CUMC’s IRB website under Protocol and Consent Document Templates

Participant Recruitment
CECR assists with the identification of sources for potential research participants. Resources such as the Data Warehouse, ResearchMatch, the Clinical Trial Office’s RecruitMe, and CCPH’s own research registry are available to CUMC researchers.  We also post flyers and advertise research studies at CCPH.


Funding for the Irving Institute, which supports CECR and CCPH, depends upon continued demonstration that outstanding research is being conducted and published using CECR services and facilities. We ask that you cite the grant on any publications, press releases or other documents related to your protocol that used CECR services and/or facilities.  

Required Language
“This publication was supported by the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, National Institutes of Health, through Grant Number UL1 TR000040. The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the NIH.” 


If you have a CUMC UNI, you may submit a request using our online system.


Alejandra N. Aguirre, MPH
Senior Program Manager
(646) 697-2272
Nayrobi Rivera, MPA
Project Coordinator
nr2538@cumc.columbia.edu (646) 697-2270
Dora Ventura
Administrative Clerk
(646) 697-2274

Columbia Community Partnership for Health
390 Fort Washington Avenue, Ground Floor
New York, NY 10033

Telephone & Fax
Main Telephone: (646) 697-CCPH (2274) (if calling within CUMC dial 697-2274)
Fax: (212) 568-3453

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday, 9:00a - 5:00p
Evenings & Weekends, upon arrangement
Health Library & Computer Lab: Monday - Friday, 9:30a - 4:45p

Directions to CCPH
CCPH is located at 390 Fort Washington Avenue between, 177th and 178th Streets, across from the George Washington Bridge, in the Washington Heights section of northern Manhattan.

By Public Transportation
Subway - Take the A train to the 175th Street
Bus - Take the M4 bus to 177th Street

For additional subway and bus information, see the Metropolitan Transportation Authority website at www.mta.info.

CCPH and its facilities are wheelchair accessible.

All CCPH Space Photos © 2009 Charles E. Manley