The Organic Chemistry Collaborative Center (OCCC), a center within Columbia’s Department of Medicine, was founded in 2003 by Donald Landry MD, PhD, organic chemist and presently the Chair of the Department of Medicine, to facilitate interactions between the medicinal chemists of the Department of Medicine and the wider community. The mission of the Center is to support biomedical research by providing small molecules to elucidate physiology and pathophysiology, and to validate targets for drug discovery.  It provides four major services: 

  • Organic synthesis
  • ADME studies
  • High-throughput screening
  • General consulting on chemistry

The Center is staffed with 9 PhD chemists and is equipped with 11 hoods, a dedicated NMR (400 MHz), LC-MS, Biacore, multiple analytical/preparative HPLCs, two robots for high-throughput screening, and 3 plate readers.

The OCCC is a crucial component of CUMC’s program in translation from bench to bedside.  It has contributed significantly to the success at CUMC in accelerating translation of bench research to pre-clinical and clinical trials.  Over the past 10 years, our organic chemists have synthesized large numbers of compounds in support of over 60 projects from CUMC research community.  As a result of OCCC activities, over three dozen patent applications have been filed and 8 patents have been licensed.  Five startup companies have been formed in the US for commercial development of “leads” initially discovered at the center.  Our drug ARM36, which is being developed at ARMGO Pharma (2006) for the treatment of congestive heart failure, has completed Phase II clinical trials.

In addition, the OCCC has been a crucial resource for a number of successful grant applications.  As Chemistry Core or Co-investigator, the OCCC has been awarded PPG, U01, R01, and R21 grants, as well as an NIH Molecular Libraries Screening Center grant and funding from the New York Stem Cell Program.

For more information, please visit the OCCC website or contact:

Donald W. Landry, MD, PhD, Director
Samuel Bard Professor of Medicine
Chair, Department of Medicine
Shi-Xian Deng, Chemistry Group Coordinator
Associate Research Scientist
Phone: 212-305-1152
William Black Building 1029
650 West 168 Street, NYC 10032