The Precision Medicine Resource has the goal of providing the right medical care for the right patient at the right time. Precision Medicine offers the opportunity to increase effectiveness of health care at reduced cost with improved outcomes, decreased adverse effects, and with greater patient satisfaction.  Advances in genomics, biomarkers, and information technology now make it possible to realize this goal for an increasing number of clinical indications.  The program will support both discovery and implementation science and heavily utilize interdisciplinary input from basic science researchers, clinicians from all specialties, laboratory medicine scientists, human genomicists, informaticians and mathematicians, health information technology experts, health educators, and policy makers. We seek improved diagnosis and treatment of disease and ultimately improved maintenance of health through more accurate prediction of disease risk.

The newly formed Precision Medicine Resource provides two funding opportunities including a one-year pilot award program for CUMC investigators and a two-year fellowship program. 

Advances in Precision Medicine Seminar Series

This monthly seminar series features leaders in Precision Medicine field from across the nation and is open to the Columbia community. Organized by Drs. Wendy Chung, Ali Gharavi, and Ron Wapner, these seminars will highlight recent developments in implementation of “precision medicine” concept in everyday medical practice. Topics that will be addressed this year include establishment of individualized programs for disease prevention and detection at academic medical centers, improvements in our understanding of the role of genomic factors in the individual response to drugs, progress in adaptive clinical trials exploring predictive algorithms and patient genomic data in oncology, mining of electronic health records to explore genotype and phenotype associations across diseases, and others.

Seminars are held monthly on the second Thursday of the month from 4 to 5 pm.

Advances in Precision Medicine Seminar Series Schedule and Location

Precision Medicine Pilot Awards

A new funding opportunity for research proposals focused on approaches to tailor medical care (prevention, diagnosis, and/or treatment) to the individual patient.  Studies may include use of biomarkers, genomic data, aggregated clinical data, and/or patient-reported data to develop personalized medical care. Proposals may also be based on individualizing methods to effectively educate and communicate with patients.
Applicants must be full-time Columbia University faculty at the rank of Assistant Professor or higher. Studies are expected to include collaborations between investigators from at least two different departments at CUMC; collaborations between the Morningside and CUMC campuses are especially encouraged.

Duration: 1 year
Award Amount:
$100,000 ($50,000 to be provided by applicant’s home department)
Quantity: Up to 5 per year

Precision Medicine Pilot Award Recipients

Precision Medicine Research Fellowship

The Precision Medicine fellowship aims to create the next generation of leaders in the development and application of Precision Medicine science and methods to improve public health.  This new research fellowship in precision medicine will train physicians/researchers as Postdoctoral Research Scientists to use genomics and complex clinical data to improve clinical care and clinical outcomes by tailoring prevention, screening, and medical interventions based upon individual patient characteristics.  The two-year program will include required didactic lectures in precision medicine as well as coursework in systems biology, genomics, statistics, ethics, and/or medical informatics according to the applicant’s background and future career goals. 

Duration:  2 years
Award Amount:  $200,000 ($100,000 per year)
Quantity:  Up to 2 per year

To be eligible, applicants must have a PhD, MD, DDS, or comparable doctoral degree from an accredited domestic or foreign institution. Eligible doctoral degrees include, but are not limited to, the following:  DMD, DC, DO, DVM, OD, DPM, ScD, EngD, DrPH, DNSc, DPT, PharmD, ND (Doctor of Naturopathy), DSW, PsyD, as well as a doctoral degree in nursing research. Two years of full-time participation are required.  Applicants with prior research experience and background in genomics or informatics are especially encouraged to apply. 

The Fellowship is open to eligible applicants regardless of citizenship status.

Precision Medicine Fellows

Precision Medicine Lecture Series

A free introductory lecture series in Precision Medicine was offered in 2015 by the Irving Institute and CUMC Dean's Office and was open to all Columbia University faculty, fellows, residents and students.
Led by expert faculty members including Drs. Wendy Chung, Ali Gharavi, and Ron Wapner, this lecture series provided a foundation to understanding genomics, biomarkers, systems biology, and biomedical informatics and reviewed specific ways in which methods developed within each of these disciplines are used across different clinical subspecialties. Lectures also covered tools that are currently available to understand the molecular basis of disease, target treatments to improve efficacy, reduce adverse events and improve forecasting and preservation of health. Several workshops included in the series provided attendees with opportunities to learn how to analyze genome, to decide what genetic test to order and how to interpret the results.  

Library of video recordings of lectures

Precision Medicine Resource Co-Directors

Wendy K. Chung, MD, PhD
Associate Professor of Pediatrics

Ali Gharavi, MD
Professor of Medicine at CUMC


David Goldstein, PhD
Professor of Medical and Surgical Research

Ronald J. Wapner, MD
Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology



Alexander Fedotov, PhD
Senior Program Manager
Columbia eMERGE Project Manager

Sheila M. O’Byrne, PhD
Program Manager