The Irving Institute provides financial support for several core facilities across CUMC, increasing availability to investigators and optimizing utilization of these outstanding resources.

Cores supported include:

  • Biomarkers Core Laboratory
    Develops, validates and executes biochemical assays in support of pre-clinical, translational and clinical research.

  • Organic Chemistry Collaborative Center
    Supports biomedical research by providing small molecules to elucidate physiology and pathophysiology, and validate targets for drug discovery.

  • Herbert Irving Comprehensive Center Shared Resources
    Manages 15 Shared Resources that provide essential services to conduct basic and translational cancer research.

  • Research Pharmacy
    Provides inpatient and outpatient dispensing services and prepares clinical trial drug and blood/tissue sampling kits for the pharmaceutical industry, the OTC product and nutraceutical industry, and academic investigators.

For a full list of all CUMC core facilities, please visit Shared Research Facilities.