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Training Program

Grant Award


Julian Abrams


FAMRI 2008
NIH K07 2008-2013

Louis B. Gerstner, Jr. Scholars Program Award 2010-2013

NIH K07 2009-2012

Irving Assistant Professors 2013-2016

Physician-Scientist Award
Risk factors for site-specific metastasis in esophageal cancer

Gastrin and its Role in the Development of Esophageal Adenocarcinoma

Risk factors for site-specific metastasis in esophageal cancer

Roy Alcalay


Irving Institute 2012-2015
NINDS K02 2012-2017

Irving Scholar
The Role of Glucocerebrosidase in Parkinson's Disease

Brett Anderson


Colin's Kids, Inc.


K23 2017-2020

AHA 2017-2019

Using Pediatric Health Information Systems (PHIS) Database to assess costs and costs-per-life-saved associated with the first stage in the surgical management of hypoplastic left heart syndrome

Congenital Heart Technical Skill Study: Improving Outcomes for Infants & Children with Congenital Heart Disease

Title- Congenital Heart Technical Skill Study: Improving Outcomes for Infants with Congenital Heart Disease

Karen Anderson


Veteran Affair I01 2010-2014
NIH K23 2001-2006

Effects Of Exercise And Cognitive Training On Executive Function In Parkinson's
Obsessions/compulsions in Huntington's Disease

Gudrun Aspelund


NIH R01 2008-2013

Identification of Novel Genes for Congential Diaphragmatic Hernia

Adam Brickman

Reach for the R

NIH R01 2010-2015
NIA R21 2012-2014

White Matter Hyperintensities In Aging And Dementia
Integrating Neuroimaging with Studies of Cognitive Aging in the Dominican Republic

Allegra Broft


NIH R21 2014-2017
NIH K23 2008-2013

Impact Of Negative Affect On Neural Circuitry In Bulimia Nervosa: An Fmri Study
Bulimia nervosa and dopamine: a link to addictions?

Randy Bruno

Reach for the R

NIH R01 2010-2014

The Role Of Dendrites In Thalamocortical Circuitry

James Brust


NIH K23 2010-2015

Integrated, home-based treatment for MDR TB and HIV in Rural South Africa

Pietro Canetta


Career Development Fellowship Award

Nephrotic Syndrome Study Network (NEPTUNE) 2012-2013

Julie Canman

Reach for the R

NIH DP2 2011-2016

IR-Lamp: Optigenetic Technology To Spatially Manipulate Protein Function In Vivo

Simon Cheng

Reach for the R

Louis V. Gerstner, Jr. Scholars Program Award 2012

Lung cancer treatment: how to mediate a toxicity that has significantly limited the effectiveness of thoracic radiation therapy

Catherine Clelland


NIH R01 2013-2018
NIH R21 2010-2012

Vitamin-D- Prodh- & Dtnbp1-Induced Hyperprolinemia:Schizophrenia Risk & Treatment
Temporaral changes in microrna function during TAU Tangle Accumulation

Adi Cohen R01 NIH R03 2013-2015 Igf-1, Bone Turnover And Response To Teriparatide In Premenopausal Women With Iop

Elizabeth Cohn


RWJ Foundation 2012-2014

Examining Minority Representation in Genomic Research

Cheryl Corcoran


NIH K23 2004-2009
NIH R21 2009-2011

Schizophrenia risk to onset: Neurobiology & prevention
Olfaction in the Psychosis Prodrome: Behavorial and ERP Measures

Katherine Crew


NIH R01 2014-2019

Howard Hughes Institute

Irving Institute and Dept. of Biomedical Informatics 2013

Increasing Breast Cancer Chemoprevention In The Primary Care Setting

Physician-Scientist Award

Increasing Breast Cancer Chemoprevention in the Primary Care Setting

Natalie Cusano POR NIH K23 2012-2017 Skeletal Regulation Of Cortical And Trabecular Bone By Parathyroid Hormone

Frank D'Ovidio

Reach for the R

NIH R21 2010-2012

Role Of SP-A Gene Polymorphism In Lung Transplantation

Thuy-Tien Dam


NIH K23 2012-2016
Foundation for the NIH 2010

Low Magnitude Mechanical Stimulation to Increase Muscle Strength in Frail Adults
Sarcopenia Trajectory in Older Adults: The Rancho Bernardo Study

Stacie Deiner POR

NIH R03 2011-2014

The Geriatric Surgical Patient: Stress, Anesthetics, And Functional Outcomes

Anina DeLeo TL1 NIH F31 2013-2015 Regulation Of Adult Neural Stem Cells By The Mir 17-92 Cluster

Andrew Einstein


Irving Institute 2012-2015
Louis B. Gerstner, Jr. Scholars Program Award 2010-2013
Douglas P. Zipes,
Scholars Program Award 2011
NIH R01 2011-2016

Irving Scholar
Estimating and Reducing Cancer Risk from Coronary Computed Tomography Angiography using Single-Heartbeat Volume Scanning

Cardiovascular disease and impressive body of scientific research
Substudy to assess for effective dose of radiation

Mildred Embree

Reach for the R

NIH K99 2012-2014

NIDCR Dentist Scientist K99: Improve TMJ Fibrocartilage Regeneration Strategies

Steven Engebretson


NIH U01 2008-2013
NIH R21 2006-2008

Diabetes and periodontics trial-Administrative Center/Study Chair
Diabetes and periodontics trial R21

Allana Forde


NIH F31 2014-2015

Discrimination, Diabetes And Cardiovascular Complications In Black Ethnic Groups

Zachary Freyberg


NIH K08 2011-2016

Revealing Novel Mechanisms Of Amphetamine Action In A Drosophila Model

Kathleen Friel


NIH R03 2013-2014
NIH K01 2009-2014

Impact Of Motor Connectivity On Efficacy Of Hand Therapy In Congenital Hemiplegia
Mechanisms of cerebral palsy recovery induced by balancing motor cortex activity

George Gallos


NIH K08 2010-2015

Therapeutic Targeting Of The Gabaa Channel On Airway Smooth Muscle

Anjali Ganda


NIH K23 2013-2018

Mechanisms Of Monocytosis And Accelerated Atherosclerosis In Patients With Ckd

Ragy Girgis


NIH R21 2014-2016
NIH K23 2015-2018
NARSAD Young Investigator Award

Neurochemical And Clinical Effects Of Glutamate Modulation In Schizophrenia
Multinodal MR Imaging Of The Glutamate System In Schizophrenia
Dopamine Transmission in Individuals at Clinical High Risk for Psychosis: a PET Study With [11C]-(+)-PHNO

Philip Green


NIH K23 2014-2019

Frailty Related Risk: Poor Physiologic Reserve During And After Valve Replacement

Heather Greenlee


NIH K23 2009-2014
NIH R21 2010-2012
NIH R21 2011-2013

Effects of antioxidant supplementation during breast cancer adjuvant therapy
Implementing Dietary Change Among Hispanic Breast Cancer Survivors
Feasibility of a Weight Loss Intervention Among Female Cancer Survivors in Swog

Zachary Grinspan


NIH U01 2015-2018

Pediatric Epilepsy Research Foundation

Rare Epilepsies in new York City: Epidemiology and Health Outcomes.  Improving Surveillance with Text Processing of Clinical Notes in Electronic Health Records
Care Management for Pediatric Epilepsy: Predictive Modeling and Evaluation

Rebecca Haeusler


NIH R00 2014-2017

Role Of Foxo1 In Lipid Metabolism

Diana Hernandez


NIH U13 2012-2014
NIH R21 2014-2015
Provost’s Grant Program for Junior Faculty Who Contribute to the Diversity Goals of the University 2012

Inter-City Study Of Community Engagement In Parks, Children And Adolescent Health
Assessing The Impact Of Clean Heat Policy Intervention In New York City
Energy Insecurity: Examining Energy, the Built Environment and Health Among Vulnerable Populations in the Context of Climate Change

Dawn Hershman


NIH K07 2002-2008
NIH R01 2008-2012
NIH U54 2003-2008

Osteoporosis prevention in early stage breast cancer
Determinants and risks of use and overuse of expensive oncology drugs
Pilot: Ethnic Neutropenia in African-Americans and Afro-Caribbeans

Eldad Hod


NIH K08 2010-2015

Mechanisms Underlying The Harmful Effects Of Stored Red Blood Cell Transfusions

Marionette Holmes


RWJ Foundation 2011-2013

Examining the health and economic impact of a policy mandated supportive housing program for formerly incarcerated homeless individuals in New York City

Allan Just


NIH K99 2011-2014

Prenatal Exposure To Endocrine Disrupters, Dna Methylation, And Childhood Obesity

Mira Katan


Swiss National Science Foundation-Ambizione 2012-2015

Biomarker Signature of Stroke Aetiology Study: The BIOSIGNAL-Study

Stuart Katz


NIH R01 2011-2014
NIH R01 2008-2012
NIH P41 2003-2005

Augmentation Of Parasympathetic Signaling With Pyridostigmine In Heart Failure
Studies on serial phlebotomy in voluntary blood donors
Heart rate recovery after exercise: Dynamical analysis

Petra Kaufmann


NIH R01 2004-2008

Clinical trial of high dose CoQ10 in ALS-QALS-CLIN

Krzysztof Kiryluk


American Philosophical Society 2008
NIH K23 2011-2014

Population-Based Study Of Serum Iga, Iga1, And Galactose-Deficient Iga1 Levels
Daland Fellowship in Clinical Investigation

Quantitative Genetics of Defective Iga1 Glycosylation in Iga Nephropathy

Ulf Klein

Reach for the R

NIH R01 2013-2015
NIH R01 2012-2017

Role Of Irf4-Notch2 Interplay In B-Cell Development And Malignancy
The Role of NF-KB in B-cell Differentiation and Lymphomagenesis

Sheng-Han Kuo


NIH K08 2013-2018

The Role Of Glucocerebrosidase And Chaperone_Mediated Autophagy In Parkinsons Dis

Benjamin Lebwohl


Louis V Gerstner Jr Scholar Program

Irving Assistant Professors for 2013 – 2016

David Lederer


NIH R01 2013-2015
NIH K23 2008-2012
RWJ Foundation 2008
NIH R01 2011-2015

Obesity, Inflammation, And Lung Injury After Lung Transplantation
Explaining racial and ethnic disparities in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
Physician-Scientist Award
Subclinical Interstitial Lung Disease in Mesa

Theresa Lee


Louis V. Gerstner, Jr., Junior Scholars Program 2016-2019

Children’s Cardiomyopathy Foundation 2017

2017 Provost’s Grants Program for Junior Faculty Who Contribute to the Diversity Goals of the University

NIH/NHLBI K23 2017-2021

Identification and validation of novel genetic causes of infantile cardiomyopathy

Human induced pluripotent stem cell model of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

Effects of a novel cardiomyopathy gene on human heart cells and the mouse heart



Identification and functional analysis of novel infantile cardiomyopathy genes

Jennifer Levine


Leukemia and Lymphoma Society 2011-2014

Longitudinal Assessment of Ovarian Reserve in Adolescents with Lymphoma

Deborah Levy


NIH K23 2007-2012

Neurocognitive function in childhood-onset SLE

Gina Lovasi


NIH K01 2011-2016

Linking Dynamic Environments With Childhood Obesity

Jonathan Lu


CUMC Paul A. Marks Scholar 2010-2013

Human Cardiomyocyte Model of Inherited Arrhythmia Using Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

Rachel Marsh

Reach for the R

NIH R21 2011-2013
NIH R01 2011-2016

An fMRI Study Of Three Neural Systems Implicated In Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
A Longitudinal Multimodal MRI Study Of Adolescents With Bulimia Nervosa

Arthur Mikhno


NIH F31 2011-2014

Non-Invasive and Cost Effective Quantification of Positron Emission Tomography

Carlton Moore


NIH K08 2005-2007

Discharge summary availability and discontinuity errors

Andrew Moran

Reach for the R

NIH K08 2008-2014
NIH R01 2011-2014

Forecasting The Cardiovascular Disease Epidemic In China
Comparative effectiveness analysis of treat-to-target and risk-based blood pressure

Thomas Nickolas


NIH K23 2008-2013
NIH K23 2010-2011

Bone quality and mechanical competence in chronic kidney disease

Gabrielle Page-Wilson


Robert Wood Johnson Foundation 2014-2017

Novel Approaches to the Differential Diagnosis and Evaluation of ACTH-dependent Cushing’s Syndrome

Utpal Pajvani


NIH K08 2011-2016

Notch And Regulators Of Notch Signaling Impact Both Glucose And Lipid Metabolism

Paul Planet


NIH K08 2012-2015

Role Of Staphylococcus Aureus Spa In Microbial Competition And Host Colonization

Tara Randis


NIH K23 2011-2016

Bacterial Vaginosis: Vitamin D Links Mucosal Immunity and Patient Risk

Carlos Rodriguez

Reach for the R

NIH R01 2011-2015

Epidemiologic Determinant Of Cardiac Structure And Function Among Hispanics

Mishaela Rubin


NIH R03 2007-2009
NIH K09 2010-2012
NIH RC4 2010-2012

Circulating osteoblast lineage cells in hypoparathyroidism
The Skeletal Effects of Reducing Inflammation in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
The Skeletal Effects of Reducing Inflammation in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Carolyn Salafia


NIH K23 2003-2009

Prenatal risk factors for neuropsychiatric disease

Nathaniel Sawtell

Reach for the R

NIH R01 2012-2016

Roles for Granule Cells in Adaptive Processing in a Cerebellum-like Circuit

Rebecca Schnall


NIH U01 2012-2014

Informing The Development Of Mobile Apps For Hiv Prevention, Treatment And Care

Scott Schobel


NIH K23 2011-2015

Cross Species Imaging of Schizophrenia

Jonathan Shaffer


NIH K23 2013-2018

Improving QoL in outpatients with heart failure: a dose-finding study and RCT

Jingjing Shang


NIH R03 2013-2015

Healthcare Associated Infections In Home Health Care

Beverley Sheares


NIH R01 2009-2014

Reducing sleep disparities in urban, minority school-aged children

Michelle Shirasu-Hiza


NIH R01 2013-2018
NIH R01 2013-2018

Aging Of Tissue-Specific Clocks In The Immune System Of Drosophila
Circadian Regulation Of Phagocytosis

Abby Siegel


NIH K23 2011-2015

Methylation and Hepatocellular Carcinoma Outcomes

Rakesh Singh


NIH LRP 2011-2013

Utility of Delayed Enhancement from Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Evaluating the Risk of Ventricular Tachyarrhythmias in Pediatric Patients with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

Alexandra Sporn


Doris Duke Charitable Foundation CSDA 2009

Language Deficits in Autism: Image-Guided Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation

Melissa Stockwell


CDC 2012-2017

MOSAIC: Mobile Surveillance for ARI and ILI in the Community

Ann Straight-Madsen


NIH U38 2012-2015

New York City Department Of Health And Mental Hygiene Application For Validating

Shakira Suglia


NIH K01 2010-2015

Cardiovascular Health: Effects Of The Social And Physical Environment

Anne-Catrin Uhlemann


NIH K08 2010-2015

Mechanisms of s. Aureus transmission and persistence

Nir Uriel


NIH K23 2012-2017

Insulin Resistance In Chronic Heart Failure: Pathophysiology And Potential For Re

Corey Ventetuolo


NIH P20 2013-2018

Sex Hormones And Pulmonary Vascular And Right Ventricular Dysfunction

Clarissa Waites


NIH R01 2014-2018

Elucidating A Molecular Pathway For Synaptic Vesicle Maintenance And Degradation

Marcella Walker


NIH K23 2007-2012

Aspects of Bone Quality Among Chinese American Women

Y. Claire Wang

Reach for the R

NIH R01 2013-2015
RWJ Foundation 2010-2013
JPB Foundation 2012-2014

Estimating State-Specific Potential Annual Healthcare Cost Savings From Reducing
Monitoring Assessing the youth 'energy gap' to benchmark progress in reversing childhood obesity and inform the Healthy Weight Commitment evaluation
Childhood Obesity Interventions - Evaluating the Cost-Effectiveness of Strategies

Timothy Wilkin


NIH K23 2002-2007

Anal dysplasia in HIV+ and HIV- men

Ismee Williams


NIH K23 2010-2014

Early Markers of Neurodevelopmental Risk in Congenital Heart Disease

Olajide Williams


NIH R01 2010-2015
NIH U54 2012-2014

Effect Of Novel Intervention To Improve Stroke Symptom Recognition
Center For Stroke Disaparities Solution

Jonathan Winston


NIH K24 2002-2007

Prevalence, pathogenesis and therapy of HIV AN

Jennifer Woo-Baidal


Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Harold Amos Medical Faculty Development Program

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, New Connections Scholar through Healthy Eating Research

Applying Non-invasive Technologies to Diagnose Pediatric Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease


Conducting Research to Promote Healthy Weight Gain from Gestation to Age 2, Particularly among Disproportionately Burdened Populations

June Wu


NIH K08 2013-2015

Notch3 Signaling In The Pathogenesis Of Hemangioma
Irving Assistant Professors for 2013 – 2016

Hannah Wunsch


NIH K08 2010-2015

Use of Intensive Care Services for Elderly Patients undergoing High Risk Surgical

Lawrence Yang

Reach for the R

NIH R03 2011-2013
NIH R01 2012-2017

Examining Deficit Syndrome in an Untreated, Representative SCZ Cohort in China
Stigma Associated With a High-Risk State for Psychosis

Angela Yoon


NIH R03 2013-2015

Microrna Marker-Based Prognosis Of Oral Cancer Survival