Master of Science – Patient-Oriented Research (POR) Program

In 1999 the Irving Center and Columbia's Mailman School of Public Health introduced a new, broadly based didactic training program that prepares young researchers for independent careers as clinical scientists. The Patient Oriented Research (POR) track offers comprehensive didactic training in the fundamental skills required for conducting high-quality clinical and translational research. This two-year, 30-credit Master's degree program is comprised of a multidisciplinary series of courses and colloquia, some of which were designed exclusively for the POR track. The program emphasizes strong quantitative training as well as critical thinking skills and practical strategies for addressing the complex challenges of clinical and translational research, with the overall goal of enabling its trainees to compete successfully for peer-reviewed research funding.

Successful completion of the Master of Science degree in Patient Oriented Research requires a Master's essay in the form of an NIH-style research grant application, written under the supervision of program faculty. Limited-tuition scholarships are available to the most highly qualified applicants each year. Applications from post-doctoral fellows or junior faculty are welcome.

Applications for the MS/POR are due mid-March.
Please visit our website for more information, or contact us directly at the email addresses below.

TRANSFORM Master of Science POR Degree Director

Melissa D. Begg

R. Todd Ogden
Professor and Vice Chair
Department of Biostatistics
Columbia University

For more information, please contact Justine Herrera, Director of strategic Academic Planning.

Class of 2019

Behnood Bikdeli, MD

John Shinn Kim, MD

Nimrod Goldshtrom, MD, MS

Sheng-fu Larry Lo, MD, MHS

Aakriti Gupta, MD

Daniel Pugliese, MD

Yolanda Ya-Chin Huang, MD, PhD

Rajani Sharma, MD

Kenneth Hung, MD

Vitor Tardelli, MD

William Jackson, MD

Meghna Trivedi, MD

Class of 2018

Rita Abdelmessih, MD

Christopher Kelly, MD

Melissa Accordino, MD

Siyang Leng, MD

Adam Bryant, MD

Purnema Madahar, MD

Matthew Finn, MD

Bella Mehta, MD

Arthur Garan, MD

Meghan Prin, MD

Francesca Hwang, MD

Michaela Restivo, MD

Justine Kahn, MD

Brett Youngerman, MD

Graduates of the POR Program

Julian Abrams, MD, MS

Emerson Lim, MD, MS

Roy Alcalay, MD, MS

Sewanti Limaye, MD, MS

Brett Anderson, MD, MS

Carlos Lopez, MD, MS

Karen Anderson, MD, MS

Feiran Lou , MD, MS

Jinsy Andrews, MD, MS

Aimee L. Lucas, MD, MS

Charles Ascher-Walsh, MD, MS

Julian Mackay-Wiggin, MD, MS

Gudrun Aspelund, MD, MS

Srihari Mahadev, MD, MS

Eve Aymong, MD, MS

Matthew Matasar, MD, MS

Neeraj Badjatia, MD, MS

Matthew Maurer, MD, MS

Matthew Baldwin, MD, MS

Bethany Mikles, MD, MS

Allegra Broft, MD, MS

Benjamin Miko, MD, MS

James C. Brust, MD, MS

Carlton Reid Moore, MD, MS

Pietro Canetta, MD, MS

Thomas Nickolas, MD, MS

Adam Castano, MD, MS

Siripanth Nippita, MD, MS

Allen Chen, MD, MS

Paul Oberstein, MD, MS

Hyunmi Choi, MD, MS

Christopher Ochner, PhD, MS

Jennifer Chuang, MD, MS

Kristin Ognibene, MD, MS

Catherine Clelland, MD, MS

Santiago Ortega-Gutierrez, MD, MS

Kevin Clerkin, MD, MS

Gabrielle Page-Wilson, MD, MS

Rose Cohen, MD, MS

Walter Palmas, MD, MS

Eileen Connolly, MD, PhD

James Peacock, MD, MS

Cheryl Corcoran, MD, MS

Nils Petersen, MD, MS

Thomas Crain, MD, MS

Anna Podolanczuk, MD, MS

Katherine Crew, MD, MS

Amanda Pong, MD, MS

Natalie Cusano, MD, MS

Bhavana Pothuri, MD, MS

Gian Marco De Marchis, MD, MS

Debra Quinn, MD, MS

Stacie Deiner, MD, MS

Tara Randis, MD, MS

Daniel Donovan, MD, MS

Samiya Razvi, MD, MS

Darshan Doshi, MD, MS

Mishaela Rubin, MD, MS

Helena Duch, PsyD, MS

Carolyn Salafia, MD, MS

Andrew Einstein, MD, MS

Maria Sangiorgio, MD, MS

Steven Engebretson, MD, MS

J. Michael Schmidt, PhD, MS

Maryjane Farr, MD, MS

Scott Schobel, MD, MS

Daniel Freedberg, MD, MS

Jonathan Shaffer, PhD, MS

Kathleen Friel, PhD, MS

Reem Sharaiha, MD, MS

Anjali Ganda, MD, MS

Madeline Sharp, MD, MS

Ragy Girgis, MD, MS

Beverley Sheares, MD, MS

Justin Golub, MD, MS

Sujit Sheth, MD, MS

Angela Gomez-Simmonds, MD, MS

Abby Siegel, MD, MS

Philip Graham, MD, MS

Rakesh Singh, MD, MS

Kathleen Graham-Lomax, MD, MS

Anthony Sireci, MD, MS

Zachary Grinspan, MD, MS

Meghan Sise, MD, MS

Dawn Hershman, MD, MS

Aviva Sopher, MD, MS

Lesley Stephens Hanes, MD, MS

Maria Luisa Sulis, MD, MS

Elizabeth Hovey, MD, MS

Viktor Szeder, MD, PhD, MS

May Hua, MD, MS

Aliza Thompson, MD, MS

Kristel Hunt, MD, MS

Aleksandr Tichter, MD, MS

Caleb Ing, MD, MS

Thomas Uldrick, MD, MS

Alexander Iribarne, MD, MS

Nir Uriel, MD, MS

Vaidehi Jobanputra, PhD, MS

Emily Vail, MD, MS

Kevin Kalinsky, MD, MS

David Van, MD, MS

Mira Katan, MD, MS

Badri Vardarajan, PhD, MS

Stuart Katz, MD, MS

Hector Vazquez, MD, MS

Petra Kaufmann, MD, MS

Corey Ventetuolo, MD, MS

Lauren Khanna MD, MS

Elizabeth Verna, MD, MS

Anupam Kharbanda, MD, MS

Marcella Walker, MD, MS

Minjae Kim, MD, MS

Daniel Wang, MD, MS

Krzysztof Kiryluk, MD, MS

Valerie Waters, MD, MS

Kristen Klemenhagen, PhD, MS

Timothy Wilkin, MD, MS

Nikhil Kumta, MD, MS

Ismee Williams, MD, MS

Melissa Latorre, MD, MS

Olajide Williams, MD, MS

Eric Lazar, MD, MS

Megan Winner, MD, MS

Benjamin Lebwohl, MD, MS

Jonathan Winston, MD, MS

David Lederer, MD, MS

Siqin Ye, MD, MS

Teresa Lee, MD, MS

Jae-Joon Yim, MD, MS

Jennifer Levine, MD, MS

Brad Zacharia, MD, MS

Deborah Levy Miller, MD, MS

Philip Zachariah, MD, MS